County Assessor

The County Board appoints the County Assessor, usually for a term of four years.

The County Assessor is responsible for classifying and establishing market values for all taxable real estate in the county. It is important that each parcel of property be accurately classified as each class is taxed at a different rate. Currently, there are over 20 different classification categories in the State of Minnesota. Examples of classifications would include Homestead-Residential, Homestead-Agricultural, Commercial, Seasonal Recreational, Residential, Timber, etc.

If you feel your property has been unfairly appraised, you have the right to appeal to the Local Board of Review or Board of Equalization. The Assessor is responsible for notifying you of your appraisal amount and times and dates for the appeal process.

The County Assessor is also responsible for keeping an accurate record of all tax-exempt properties in the county.

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