County Attorney

Lake of the Woods County has an elected full-time County Attorney serving four-year terms. The office carries a wide range of duties.

The County Attorney provides legal advice to the Board of Commissioners and to the various county offices. In addition, the County Attorney represents the county in civil court and in administrative proceedings.

The County Attorney is also responsible for prosecuting crimes occurring in the county (except for misdemeanors occurring in an organized city). Prosecution duties also include appearances before Grand Juries, preparation of criminal pleadings, conduct of Court hearings on behalf of the State of Minnesota, and appearances at sentencing hearings and appeals. The County Attorney also assists law enforcement agencies in the application for and obtaining of arrest and search warrants.

The County Attorney also represents petitioners in cases involving juvenile delinquency or children in need of protective services. The office represents the petitioner in judicial commitment hearings for mentally ill, retarded or chemically dependent persons. The County Attorney also handles Child support enforcement court proceedings.

County Attorneys are required to be attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of Minnesota.

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