Government Center Departments:

206 8th Ave SE
Baudette, MN 56623
Department Dept. Head Address Phone
Assessor Mary Jo Otten Suite #296 634-2536
Attorney James Austad Suite #240 634-1190
Auditor Lorene Hanson Suite #260 634-2836
Court Administrator Pamala Shaw Suite #250 634-1451
4H April Levassuer LOW School 634-1195
Land & Water Planning Josh Stromlund Suite #290 634-1945
Medical Examiner Mary Ann Sens, MD, PhD 701-777-2561
MIS Peder Hovland Suite #210 634-4519
Public Health Nursing Director Michelle Brown 634-2120
Recorder Susan Ney Suite #280 634-1902
Social Services Amy Ballard Suite #200 634-2642
Surveyor Chad Conner 218-316-3632
Treasurer Lorene Hanson Suite #260 634-2361
Veteran's Services Officer Rodrick Rone Jr. 634-2219

Law Enforcement Center:

206 8th Ave SE
Suite #300
Baudette, MN 56623

Sheriff Gary Fish 634-1143
Homeland Security/Emergency Management Jill Olson 634-4547

Public Works Department:

306 8th Ave
Baudette, MN 56623

Public Works Tim Erickson 634-1767

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