Emergency Management/Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is a state-mandated position that is responsible for developing and coordinating emergency response plans. The director maintains the county Emergency Operations Plan.  This plan is a broad procedure for responding to a disaster in Lake of the Woods County. The plan takes an all-hazard approach and includes responses to all types of disasters: tornado, flood, blizzards, hazardous material spills, or terrorist incidents - anything that endangers local citizens. The director works with local responders – law enforcement, fire, medical services, highway, social services, and city and county officials - to ensure a well organized response to an incident. The Emergency Management Department, with assistance from local responders, organizes a disaster drill each year. Drills are required by the state and are used to practice the plans that are in place.

Lake of the Woods County: Reducing the Impact of Disasters

It seems like disaster are becoming more common place in our news; from National disasters like the 2011 British Petroleum Gulf of Mexico oil spill, to disasters with more regional impacts like the 2010 tornados in Wadena, to more localized disasters like the recent train-truck collision in Plummer, MN.


Lake of the Woods County is looking for your help! We need your input to update our hazard mitigation plan.  A hazard mitigation plan identifies hazards like those seen recently in the news and develops strategies to prevent or reduce their impacts. It’s important to us that we have your input and support.  Please take time to complete our survey.


Keep posted for more information regarding this plan and an upcoming open house to share with the community what we’ve been working on. For more information contact Lake of the Woods County Emergency Manager by phone at 218.634.4547

Lake of the Woods County Hazard Mitigation Plan

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