New Day Care Provider Information


Welcome to the process of becoming a Licensed Provider!  Below is some initial information outlining what the Minnesota Department of Human Services Licensing Division and Lake of the Woods County Social Services requires of a licensed day care operation in Lake of the Woods County. Initial Licensing Requirements include:

  • Children will be your business! You must like caring for children.
  • You must rent or own your own apartment or home.
  • You must be at least 18 and live in Lake of the Woods County.
  • Juvenile, Municipal, District Court, and Police records are checked for everyone 13 or older who lives or works in the home. Family Services and Child Protection records are also checked for allegations, investigations, and/or charges.
  • You will need to work with a licensing social worker to ensure the safety of children in your home.


Depending on the situation, inspection from the fire marshal, building and health officials may be requested.  A $50 fee must be collected before the request is sent to the fire marshal.  This must be a money order made out to the State Fire Marshal.  A fire inspection will be needed if you have an attached garage, mobile home, plan to use your basement for care, live in a multiple dwelling (apartment, townhome, etc), or there are other related fire safety issues.

Effective 01/01/04, the fee for the licensing process is $50 and then $50 per year or upon renewal.  Once our agency receives this fee, along with your completed application the licensing process will begin. 


Some other aspects of the licensure study are as follows:

  • Home visits are necessary to fully evaluate your qualifications for licensure.
  • On-site inspection of the residence
  • Three letters of reference
  • If you have been previously licensed, a reference from that previous agency
  • Any report or evaluations necessary to fully evaluate the applicant’s qualifications for licensure and compliance with applicable laws and rules.
  • A report from your physician stating that you are physically able to be a licensed provider.
  • Well water test results if your day care operation has a private well. 

  • You will need to comply with all requirements as listed in the rules and regulations for licensure



Once you complete the following forms, please return them to L/W County Social Services.  The licensing worker will then contact you to set up an initial licensing visit. 

*Background Check forms and Agency Record Checks need to be filled out for each person in the home over the age of 13.

At the initial licensing visit, you will be given the rules for licensure and all other information needed to complete the actual licensing process. 

The length of time that it takes to complete the licensing process varies from each person, but in general, the entire process should be completed in less than 90 days.  After the license procedures have been completed, this agency has twenty days to submit your application and recommend licensure or denial to DHS.  

Please contact Lake of the Woods County Social Services if you have further questions.

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