County Treasurer

The County Treasurer is elected to a four-year term.

The County Treasurer serves as custodian of all county money and is responsible for monitoring and managing cash flow as well as administering the county’s investment program. This function is important due to the need to have adequate funds available, when needed against investments totals. The Treasurer keeps an accurate accounting of all money received and paid out in all of the county’s funds. This requires daily recording of collections, disbursements, cashbook entries and bank reconciliations. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to safely invest county money in a manner that brings about the greatest amount of return with the least amount of risk.

The County Treasurer mails the statements to all property owners in the county and act as collection agent for all real estate, personal property, mobile home, delinquent taxes, transmission line and severed mineral interest taxes. After collection, the Treasurer distributes tax monies to each taxing entity in the county (school districts, cities and special taxing districts). The Treasurer also serves as the State’s collection agent for deed and mortgage registration taxes.

In Lake of the Woods County, The Treasurer has the added responsibility of certifying deeds, conveyances and other instruments. We applied for an exemption for the State Board of Government Innovation and Cooperation from certain state procedural laws. With this exemption, it has eliminated duplicated services that we were providing and is a less confusing and time-consuming stop for you. In most counties in the State of Minnesota the Auditor’s office still provides this service.

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