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  • Sketch for Approach Permit Application of Slope
  • Approach Policy

  • All new approaches are required to be permitted.
    Applicant shall fill out an approach permit application and stake location of approach.
    The County will review location and recommend culvert/approach dimensions.
    The installation contractor or private installer shall have the required insurance and registration documents on file.
    An approach that does not meet County standards shall be removed.
    Only new metal culverts are acceptable.
    Minimum diameter shall be 18” (15" culverts are allowed on a case by case basis).
    All pipe greater than or equal to 48” in diameter on County State Aid or Federal Aid Secondary roads shall require aprons.
    Culverts and erosion control blankets are available for purchase from the County for use on County, County State Aid, or Federal Aid Secondary roads.
    Purchase price for culverts, culvert apparatuses and erosion control blankets shall be at the County’s current cost, plus 10% for administration and 6.875% for sales tax.
    All payments, deposits, finished applications, and other documentation shall be received before receipt of goods.