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July 1, 2020


July 1, 2020

Lake of the Woods County Board of Adjustment/Planning Commission Meeting 7:00 P.M. on July 1, 2020 

Tom Mio opened the meeting at 7:00 pm with the following member present: Dave Marhula, Scott Head, Reed McFarland, Marshall Nelson, Wes Johnson and Ken Horntvedt. Others present  were: Land and Water Planning Director Josh Stromlund, Nathaniel and Peter Brown. 

Introductions of Board of Adjustments/Planning Commission members took place. 

Approval of the Agenda:  

Motion to approve agenda – M/S/P Horntvedt/Head 

Approval of Meeting Minutes: June 6, 2020 M/S/P Marhula/Nelson 

Conflict of Interest Disclosure: 


Board of Adjustment – New Business 

– Consideration of Variance #20-03V by Dennis Sobolik: Lot 2, Block 1, Boundary  Commission Plat No. 1 in Section Eight (8), Township One Hundred Sixty-three (163) North, Range Thirty-four (34) West. Applicant is requesting a variance from  Section 503.2 of the Lake of the Woods County Zoning Ordinance to allow an  addition that will not meet the required seventy-five (75) foot setback from Lake of  the Woods. Lake of the Woods is a General Development Lake. 

Mio ask if Mr. Sobolik was present. Kelly Plaine introduced himself and indicated he was the  representative for Mr. Sobolik. Mio ask Plaine to come to the table and explain the proposal. 

Plaine indicated he was the son-in-law of Sobolik and they are looking at a number of upgrades  on the property included screening in the deck on the lakeside of the cabin. Sobolik is 88 years  old and built the cabin in 1964. We thought it would be good for him, as he is not as mobile as he  used to be, to screen in the deck so he can enjoy time out there with his puzzles. It would be a  nice addition to the cabin and Sobolik in his remaining years. 

Questions and discussion ensued between the Board and Plaine regarding construction of the  screen porch. Upon completion of the discussion, Mio asked if there were any comments from  the floor. 

Mio recognized Peter Brown. Brown indicated he was neutral on this request; however, he  applied for the same request and his was denied. If this variance is approved, he wants a  reconsideration of his request. 

The Board explained that each request is different and on its own merits. He has every right to  apply again if he so chooses. 

Mio asked if there was any more discussion, with no further discussion the Board moved on to  the Findings of Facts.

Lake of the Woods County Board of Adjustment 



Name of Applicant: Dennis Sobolik Date: July 1, 2020 Parcel #: Variance Application #: 20-03V 

A variance may be granted only where the strict enforcement of county zoning controls will  result in a practical difficulty. A determination that a “practical difficulty” exists is based upon  consideration of the following criteria: 

1. Is the variance in harmony with the general purpose and intent of the Lake of the Woods  County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance? 

YES (X) NO ( ) and Why or why not? Residential/lakeshore property. 

2. Is the property owner proposing to use the property in a reasonable manner not permitted  by the official control?  

YES (X) NO ( ) and Why or why not? No change. 

3. Is the practical difficulty due to circumstances unique to this property?  

YES (X) NO ( ) and Why or why not? Existing footprint and eroding shoreline. 

4. Is the need for the variance created by actions other than the landowner?  

YES (X) NO ( ) and Why or why not? Eroding shoreline and existing property 5. Will granting the variance not alter the essential character of the locality? 

YES (X) NO ( ) and Why or why not? Will not, no change. 

6. Does the practical difficulty involve more than economic considerations? 

YES (X) NO ( ) and Why or why not? Economics not part of request. 


1) Must stay within exact footprint of existing deck. 

2) Completed by 12/31/20. 


Facts supporting the answer to each question above are hereby certified to be the Findings of the  Board of Adjustment. This is in accordance with Section 1205 of the Lake of the Woods County  Zoning Ordinance. 


July 1, 2020 ___________________________________ Date Tom Mio 

Chair, Board of Adjustment 

Motion to approve with conditions: M/S/P Horntvedt/Head 

With no further business, Mio entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:15pm.  Adjournment: M/S/P McFarlane/Marhula