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The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA), Minn. Statute 13, is a state law that controls how government data are collected, created, stored (maintained), used and released (disseminated).   The MGDPA sets out certain requirements relating to the right of the public to access government data and the rights of individuals who are subjects of government data.   

The following classification system determines how government data are handled.  

  • Public Data: Public data is accessible by anyone. The MGDPA provides that, unless specifically authorized by statute, a government entity may not require persons to identify themselves, state a reason for, or justify a request to gain access to public government data. 
  • Private Data: Private data on individuals is data classified by statute or federal law as not public but accessible to the individual subject of that data. 
  • Confidential Data: Confidential data on individuals is data made not public by statute or federal law and is inaccessible to the subject of that data. 
  • Nonpublic Data: Nonpublic data is data not on individuals that a statute or federal law makes not accessible to the public but accessible to any subject of that data. 
  • Protected Nonpublic Data: Protected nonpublic data is data not on individuals which is both not public and not accessible to the subject of that data. 

The Data Practices Act governs the release of information by Lake of the Woods County.   

Important information for Law Enforcement Data Requests 

  • The Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office does not release reports created by the Minnesota State Patrol, Medical Examiner’s Office or surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies.  You will need to contact originating agency for their records. 
  • When requesting a report, please provide an Incident Number (ICR) whenever possible.  Incident numbers help expedite the process.  If an incident number is not available, please provide as much information as possible (date, time, location, names of persons involved, etc).  

I have read and agree to the above statement.  I would like to download Public Information Request Form Information.

Requests can be sent to the following:

All Data requests NOT pertaining to Law Enforcement:

Lake of the Woods County
Attention: Human Resources Data Request
206 8th Ave SE | Baudette, MN 56623

Law Enforcement Data Requests

Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office
Attention: Records Division
206 8th Ave SE Suite #300 | Baudette, MN 56623


Decorative Line


(218) 634-2430

206 8th Ave SE,
Baudette, MN 56623

Decorative Line


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