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The role of Emergency Management is to protect lives, property and environment from natural and/or manmade disasters through preparation, mitigation, response and recovery and to maximize the protection and promotion of public safety, health and welfare during large-scale emergencies.

Lake of the Woods County Emergency Management is located within the Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office and is responsible for the development and implementation of an all-hazard emergency plan to guide county personnel and resources during times of disaster and crisis including but not limited to: naturally occurring disasters, accidental or intentional man-made disasters, disease outbreak and many other potential situations.

Emergency Management is also responsible for opening and managing the county’s Emergency Operations Center. Criteria for Activation: The degree of Lake of the Woods County’s EOC activation will be determined by the severity of the emergency. The EOC may be partially activated due to a potential threat to life or property, or fully activated in response to a major emergency/disaster resulting in an actual threat to life and property.

Emergency Management serves as a liaison to local, state, federal agencies that work with Lake of the Woods County on day to day operations or during times of crisis. During times of significant community needs Emergency Management coordinates with local responders to acquire needed external resources

Lake of the Woods County Emergency Management is part of the Minnesota Homeland Security Emergency Management (Northwest) Region 3 Joint Powers Board and is a member of the Association of Minnesota Emergency Managers. Participating in many preparedness initiatives including Winter Hazard Awareness Week, Severe Weather Awareness Week and National Preparedness Month.

Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office has sandbags available call 218-634-1143 for more information or check Lake of the Woods County Emergency Management web page for additional information. 

Empty sandbags can be picked up at the Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office at 206 8th Ave SE, Baudette and at the Northwest Angle County Garage.

Sand locations for filling:

  • Clementson Park
  • Lake of the Woods County Garage, 306 8th Ave SE, Baudette
  • Northwest Angle County Garage
  • Sportsman’s Lodge 3244 Bur Oak Rd NW, Baudette

The University of Minnesota Extension has an extensive library on flooding and other disaster preparedness, response and recovery resources.  This website has fact sheets, pages, guidebooks and videos with research-based tips on immediate and long-term flood issues.

The Army Corps of Engineers has created guidelines for building temporary sandbag levees.

How to sand bag—

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Due to the increased lake and river levels from snow melt and recent heavy rains the Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office is asking boaters to consider 150 feet from shore to be a no wash, no wake zone on all of our area lakes and rivers.

One of the main reasons for establishing no wash, no wake zones is to prevent fragile shoreline from being eroded by the large waves that are caused by a boat when it is passing under power. Now with the increased lake and river levels boats have the ability to operate under power closer to the shorelines that previously were more protected from the waves caused by the passing boats. At this time, we are asking for compliance to the 150 feet safety zone of all Lake of the Woods County waterways to be considered a no wake, no wash zone.

Recently the Commissioner of the MN Department of Natural Resources approved an expedited process for all counties, cities and towns in Minnesota to enact slow no wash, no wake zones due to the high-water issues across the state. At this time Lake of the Woods County enacted a 30-day temporary emergency no wash, no wake ordinance on all Lake of the Woods County waterways.

Efforts are being made in Lake of the Woods County to connect community members who are unable to access resources due to the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions with volunteers who can help with deliveries. If you (or someone you know) are unable to leave your home due to health issues or restrictions and need help accessing resources like food or medication/medical supplies, please call Pastor Birgitte Catlin at 218-634-1744 or e-mail at
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Click on the link and fill in the requested information CodeRED  

Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office has a limited supply of sandbags that residents can purchase. Call Emergency Management for additional information. (218) 634-4547

Skywarn Storm Spotter training is provided by the National Weather Service and Lake of the Woods County holds a class once a year in the spring.  Contact Emergency Management for future classes or check the National Weather Service Grand Forks Skywarn website.

Knowing what to expect and the steps to take in an emergency is the key to protecting yourself and your family.  

Make a plan: Every household’s emergency preparations should include: 


Know how to get emergency information from multiple locations. Sign up for CodeRed:  


Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so it is important to plan in advance how you will contact one another; how you will get back together; and what you will do in different situations. Use a template or create your own family communication plan. 


Your emergency supply kit should include everything your family needs to survive for at least 72 hours. Don’t forget to include items for your pets.  


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Jill Hasbargen Olson Emergency Management Director 
Lake of the Woods County Sheriff’s Office 

206 8th Ave Se Suite 300 
Baudette, MN 56623
Cell: 218-395-0791 
Fax: 218-634-1144

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1st of Every Month

Monthly Testing CodeRED Phone System

1st Wednesday of Every Month

Monthly Testing of the Warning Sirens in City of Baudette & City of Williams

Monthly Testing of the IPAWS Notification System